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Log 1 - food empowerment Open to everybody

Who: Gintoki, Ross, Oboro (house Inari) and everybody else! Log is totally open to those who want to come over with food, even those who haven't talked to Gintoki yet.
When: May 22nd, 5 pm or so
Where: Inari's house on The Far Shore - description available on the locations page (onsen included).
Warnings: Read this post first! Characters have been invited - sort of - to bring food to Inari's place. Gintoki - whose god power is 'food empowerment' will be eating things to see what kinds of powers he gets from them. People can just hang out and eat/drink/party.

[After the post earlier on the BBS, Gintoki will be totally interested in learning more about this god powers.  Anybody who comes over will be met at the door by 'Inari' himself, looking pretty excited.  He's still sporting those barely-there kitsune ears, and at least one tail that's also a bit transparent.]

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[How could Elsa pass up the chance to chat with the god with the fox ears?

She comes over with a plate of cookies Hakkai had baked earlier, frosted beautifully, subtly sweet. When Gintoki asks, she holds the plate up for him to see.]

My shinki, Hakkai, made these an hour or so ago. They're very good. Please try one.
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Oh. [She's definitely a little disappointed there. For one thing, she'd been looking forward to telling Hakkai that his cookies were more than just delicious; for another, science.] Do you think there's a specific ingredient that might trigger a reponse like the one you posted about?

[All of which she asks as she walks in, offering a quick "you're welcome" as she passes him.] Hakkai is wonderful in the kitchen. It's such a relief.

[Elsa herself is not the best of cooks. #RichPeopleProblems.]
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[Yes, go on ahead! Hakkai's cookies should be enjoyed by all.]

Well, it might be worth testing the theory, at any rate. [She smiles.

And then forces herself to hold that smile at that comparison. That's very... colorful.]

Ha, that's one way of putting it. Well, anyway, you could take notes whenever you eat something. That way, you can keep track of what does and doesn't affect you, and what the effect is if there is one.