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Who: Ross and you!
What: After nearly two weeks of reading and work, Ross is ready to test his new tincture. On himself.
When: March 24
Where: Out and about in the Far Shore.
Warnings: Does Ross himself count as a warning Should be none, but I'll edit if anything comes up.

It had taken him a little while to find a suitable clearing, but here would just have to do. After one last glance around, Ross produced a tiny bottle from his pocket, which was filled with an almost sickly green liquid. Well. There wasn't much else to do other than test it on himself. Asking someone else to be his guinea pig for this wasn't an option, as tempting as it was to give it to Gintoki for throwing that rock at him. Ross downed the whole thing in one go, only to almost spit it back out again. So bitter! He would have to add sugar or something to the next batch. A lot of sugar. He wasn't particularly looking forward to choking down something that tasted like that every time he needed some mana...

Finally, he held his hand out, and focused. Doing this felt unfamiliar and familiar at the same time, but nevertheless, a glowing yellow ball appeared, floating just above his palm. It was a success, but he showed no happiness or even recognition of the fact on the outside. Next, he extended his arm and made a gate, although to anyone else it would just look like a pitch black hole had opened in the air. Ross simply hopped inside like it was nothing, and disappeared along with the gate.

...The only problem with that was he would be reappearing somewhere else out of nowhere, and then probably get in someone's way.
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[Fox boss was spending time in the onsen. He'd enjoyed being left with little to do; so far his shinki hadn't been too pushy in wanting to complete requests and jobs. Maybe they were just as happy about having to do them as he was, which was not much.

He'll sigh, letting his head rest on his arms, resting on the edge of the bath. Something that would make this a whole lot better would be having those people around him who he was used to having. . . not that he'd admit it out loud, but he missed his Yorozuya, and the bunch at Snacks Otose. Things just weren't as interesting without them. This place didn't feel like much of a home, even though it was beyond expensive, particularly when it came to what he was used to.

He'll sigh again, feeling a bit drowsy and lethargic due to the hot bath, and then he'll turn over, resting the back of his head against the edge of the onsen.

And that's when he'll spot something, right above his head. It was small at first, and then right away, it grew to a black mass, right there on the edge of the pool of water. Was he imagining it? Maybe he'd been in the bath too long, his head was getting fuzzy. . .]
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[He'll nervously watch until. . . wait. . .

. . . wait, Floss-kun? What the hell was he up to with this crap? Granted, he'd be a lot more scared if he hadn't seen half off the stuff he'd seen since being forced into this god business, and it was a bit unsettling, but now he's just curious.

Since the black mass is only a couple of feet above his head at this point, he'll reach up and smack his palm against the other's face, holding on to Ross' forehead with a scowl. ]

Oi oi, I knew you came from hell. Go back there, ok? Like, go back with your own kind.
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[Ross was so right. If only he knew how right he was.

Still, this was Gintoki we were talking about, and even if he did miss the people at home, he wasn't about to show it. He'll strain a bit more to shove Ross back through his little black hole portal, but it's pretty much ineffective.

In fact, he's probably stayed there too long, and by this point if Ross leaves the portal he'll be tumbling into the onsen with his bff god Inari. ]

Eh-- oi oi, go back! Go back in there, you're messing up my bath on purpose!

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Don't be ridiculous. I was trying to shove you back in, oi.

[He really was, but only to be mean. He'll retreat to the other end of the onsen, sinking down in the water until just his eyes were showing, and he'll scowl back with his ears twitching. But then he's curious.]

Just what the hell was that you were doing, hah?
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i'm gonna catch 'em all I swear

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[He'll open his mouth as if to say something, but then he'll quickly force it into a yawn. No. He wasn't allowed to ask his shinki about their past lives, right? They weren't allowed to remember, and Ross was no different. He wasn't going to actively cause him grief on that kind of level.

He'll set his arms on the edge of the onsen, looking at Ross over them.

Since when do you have magic, huh? How did you even find that out?

[The question is pretty casual. Ross might not be able to pick up on Gintoki's concern, but he could.]