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002 | Tokyo In Trouble

Who: Everyone!
What: Surprise! There's a disaster on the Near Shore.
When: Late at night (February 24, 2016) into mid-afternoon (February 25, 2016)
Where: The Meeting Hall of the Heavens AND various places around Tokyo
Summary: A nice little greeting for the new guests and an unpleasant surprise for the older ones~

A sudden, loud blast of noise persists throughout the entirety of the Heavens. It sounds much like a war horn of ancient times being played at a decibel that is meant to shake the very core of every being within its range. No matter how much you might try to block out the noise, it remains ringing in your ears deafeningly, and somehow you find yourself compelled towards the Meeting Hall - the place where you were first introduced to the Heavens and what you have gotten wrapped up in.

Anyone checking their phones will notice a large, bright red alert flashing at them - 'EMERGENCY! REPORT IMMEDIATELY!' It seems that the Heavens have taken to using modern technology for their messages as well.

Once you have reached the Meeting Hall, you will find that every wall has turned into a sort of television screen, displaying various streets and buildings in Tokyo, everyone one literally crawling with ayakashi both big and small. A voice that you recognize as Amaterasu's - though you would never be able to describe it properly - rings throughout the halls.

"We need your help, brave gods, loyal shinki. A rift the likes of which we have never dealt with has opened on the Near Shore. We must end the ayakashi who are harming our dear followers. Please come to our aid in this time of need."

Meeting Hall

The once garishly decorated Meeting Hall looks very much like the base of operations for an army at war. There are gods gearing up with shinki and man-made gear as well and plenty of gods and shinki saying prayers before they head out to battle. Everything you might need to make yourself feel safe during a fight has been provided, including every type of weaponry. But, of course, only shinki wielded by a god can actually destroy an ayakashi.


In the main hallway, there is an innocuous door with a small, nicely written sign that reads "Gentle Counselling". Inside the door is a small room with a few sweetly smiling shinki inside who are willing to listen to your problems and answer any questions you might have. They are also here to help out any gods that are having a hard time dealing with knowing about how their shinki died and any shinki that is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that they are dead.

February 24

The rift that has opened is so vast that there is literally nowhere in Tokyo that you can go without encountering a rampaging group of ayakashi. Everything is utter chaos and there are creatures everywhere for you to fight. Let's just hope that you can get out of this dangerous battlefront mostly unscathed.

February 25

Towards the middle of the day, it will seem that the ayakashi are becoming fewer and further between. Things seem to be calming down a lot, though they are nowhere near normal yet, especially since the rift is taking longer to close than the Heavens would like. Fortunately, no new ayakashi have escaped into the Near Shore from the rift since this morning, due to a barrier that has been placed around it. Still, the ayakashi seem to be really hell-bent on getting away from you all now rather than fighting...

In Summary:
  • There are a ton of ayakashi on the Near Shore that need to be destroyed.
  • The newbies are getting one hell of a welcome as a result.
  • Seek counselling if you need it!
  • Go kick some evil ass.
  • Comment to the first thread to get a randomly generated number of ayakashi to face.
  • Mods will gladly play out any ayakashi interactions where requested.
  • Try not to get killed~
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(cw: casual soulless shinki mistreatment)

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[Meeting Hall]
[ He could have done without the baggage.

Sho's no fan of the quiet, nondescript young man that's now defined as his minion. Shinki. Whatever. High on his list of tasks to do involved heading out to Shibuya and dressing the ridiculous radian in his own sense of fashion because he's not cool with having something so boring follow him around.

It's as he's stalking through he meeting hall that something sets him off. He stops suddenly, reaching for the shinki. He gets a fistful of hair, and meets no particular protest when he hauls the vessel along.

Pick up the pace, Picowatt. We've got places to go faster than .012 meters per second. [ There's nothing odd here about a heavily tattooed young man casually dragging a youth around by the hair, is there?]

[Feb 24 Battle]
[ It'd been a disappointment to find that he's definitely restricted from the UG, but Minamimoto would manage. There were differences between this Shibuya and the one he deserved to own, the trends on a different vector entirely. He's chill as can be despite the setback, though he ought to be on ayakashi annihilating duty. He'd had a few more important things to take care of, like dressing Picowatt in artfully torn jeans and a grey hoodie. The spiked choker and excess of silver chains here and there might have been overkill for such a bland little guy, but Sho thinks it's an improvement.

He's adjusting Picowatt's hoodie for the right artful effect right around when a great multilegged technicolor nightmare comes leaping at god and shinki alike. It's clearly testament to Sho's excellent caretaking that he hauls his quiet vessel along by his collar when he teleports out of its path.
] So zetta slow!

[ And now to lead it somewhere more interesting, dragging Picowatt's human form along all the while. Anyone that knows him wouldn't be surprised in the least that he's leading it right towards another god just to stir up a little trouble. ]
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Feb 24th

[personal profile] pachintoki 2016-03-20 08:42 pm (UTC)(link)
[Not that he backs from fighting, but Gintoki would much rather be taking a nice long snooze right about now. It didn't help that all he could do was knock these dumb monsters around without killing them. Was he gonna have to keep fighting these things forever? Never killing them? Even T*tris levels ended when you ran out of room, you know?

He hasn't gotten the hang out teleporting yet, not having bothered to practice yet, so when he sees the giant whatever that Minamimoto has dragged along, he'll just give an angry yell, pointing at the errant god accusingly. ]

O-oi! Put-Put that back where you found it! Someone's probably looking for it! Their mom's gonna get mad if they lose it!

[It's not a wallet, Gintoki.]
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Finders keepers, radian!

[ It doesn't help that Sho would say exactly that about a wallet, too. The only difference is that it's a gigantic florescent centipede with way too many eyes, and it's right on his tail. Between one teleport jump and the next, he mutters a name and is less burdened by the gun in his hand than the young man he'd been dragging along. ]

Here, you can have it!

[ He shifts course, aiming to lead it right at the guy. ]
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[personal profile] pachintoki 2016-03-22 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)
What the hell are you blabbering about?! Oi! What's that? Radium? Are you trying to sound smart?

[Gintoki's gonna just. . . scoot as far as he can out of the way, but he's not quite fast enough.

It's just then that he manages to teleport about 10 feet further away. Well, that was something. He hadn't bothered to figure out this teleporting thing yet, but desperation will do things to a guy.

He'll gasp out a few breaths. This wasn't fun. This was so tiring, this was so stupid. . .he'll take a few more, catching his breath. ]

Real funny, asshole! You're having a real good time here, I can tell! Go to hell!
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Meeting Hall, pickin' a fight...

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[Yukine himself was (and is) mistreated plenty by Yato, but at least he's never been dragged by the hair.

The sight of it instantly angers Yukine and he rushes forward to grab the guy's wrist, his thumb pressing into the tendon.
He looks straight up into the god's face and says in a firm voice,]

Hey, let go.
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[personal profile] piphilologize 2016-03-21 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
[ He hadn't seen that one coming. The kid gets a hand on him, really digging in, and Minamimoto glances at the sharp contrast of the pale hand on his dyed black wrist. Interesting aesthetic.

Bright yellow eyes shift to focus on the boy, catlike in their intensity. He could get out of the grip with his own brand of teleportation, but that'd require letting go. He tightens his grip on his shinki.

Looking to get that hand subtracted, radian?

[ For Sho, this is an impressive show of self-restraint. ]
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[Yukine gets even angrier when he notices the god's grip tightening.]

Nope. Just lookin' for you to let your shinki walk. Heck, I'm sure he'll even run.

[The threat of getting his hand cut off on the spot is hard to take seriously, but... this guy does sound pretty serious. He's not phased though. He's stared down Bishamonten before.]
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Heh. [ Geez, all this over a little rough handling of his own property. The heavens had given the shinki to him, so it seems like a reasonable conclusion that he can do with it what he wants.

But he likes the hard glint in the kid's eyes. If looks could kill, Sho would be in real trouble.

Heh heh heh, you're outta your vector, kid. [ He shifts slightly, dissolving into a static blur and reappearing a half step away. He has to snatch his shinki by the back of his collar to keep the oddly submissive boy from tripping, or maybe just to reassert his claim. He ignores a quiet "Susano'o-sama?" from Picowatt, talking over him. ] How about you run for me instead?
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[Yukine makes a surprised, vexed sound when the god gets away from him like that. That's... not normal teleportation.
These new gods are damn weird.
But a sense of victory also lifts within him- he got the guy to let go of the shinki's hair. Yukine draws his now empty hand back with a bland look.]

No, thanks. I've already got an idiot I run for.

[He's probably summoned said idiot with those words. It'll be annoying if Yato shows up.]

So try takin' care of that one.

[If this is how he treats his shinki, he'll have a harder time keeping one than Yato.]
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[ There's more than a hint of fang in Sho's grin. The kid is ballsy, and it's entertaining when set against the behavior of his own minion. ]

Too bad you're working for some zero. I'd give you a real reason to run.

[ And then he shrugs and starts to turn away, yanking Picowatt along by his clothes. ]
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[Yukine watches him go without further comment, although he lets out a long and slow breath.

That guy is really something else.]