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002 | Tokyo In Trouble

Who: Everyone!
What: Surprise! There's a disaster on the Near Shore.
When: Late at night (February 24, 2016) into mid-afternoon (February 25, 2016)
Where: The Meeting Hall of the Heavens AND various places around Tokyo
Summary: A nice little greeting for the new guests and an unpleasant surprise for the older ones~

A sudden, loud blast of noise persists throughout the entirety of the Heavens. It sounds much like a war horn of ancient times being played at a decibel that is meant to shake the very core of every being within its range. No matter how much you might try to block out the noise, it remains ringing in your ears deafeningly, and somehow you find yourself compelled towards the Meeting Hall - the place where you were first introduced to the Heavens and what you have gotten wrapped up in.

Anyone checking their phones will notice a large, bright red alert flashing at them - 'EMERGENCY! REPORT IMMEDIATELY!' It seems that the Heavens have taken to using modern technology for their messages as well.

Once you have reached the Meeting Hall, you will find that every wall has turned into a sort of television screen, displaying various streets and buildings in Tokyo, everyone one literally crawling with ayakashi both big and small. A voice that you recognize as Amaterasu's - though you would never be able to describe it properly - rings throughout the halls.

"We need your help, brave gods, loyal shinki. A rift the likes of which we have never dealt with has opened on the Near Shore. We must end the ayakashi who are harming our dear followers. Please come to our aid in this time of need."

Meeting Hall

The once garishly decorated Meeting Hall looks very much like the base of operations for an army at war. There are gods gearing up with shinki and man-made gear as well and plenty of gods and shinki saying prayers before they head out to battle. Everything you might need to make yourself feel safe during a fight has been provided, including every type of weaponry. But, of course, only shinki wielded by a god can actually destroy an ayakashi.


In the main hallway, there is an innocuous door with a small, nicely written sign that reads "Gentle Counselling". Inside the door is a small room with a few sweetly smiling shinki inside who are willing to listen to your problems and answer any questions you might have. They are also here to help out any gods that are having a hard time dealing with knowing about how their shinki died and any shinki that is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that they are dead.

February 24

The rift that has opened is so vast that there is literally nowhere in Tokyo that you can go without encountering a rampaging group of ayakashi. Everything is utter chaos and there are creatures everywhere for you to fight. Let's just hope that you can get out of this dangerous battlefront mostly unscathed.

February 25

Towards the middle of the day, it will seem that the ayakashi are becoming fewer and further between. Things seem to be calming down a lot, though they are nowhere near normal yet, especially since the rift is taking longer to close than the Heavens would like. Fortunately, no new ayakashi have escaped into the Near Shore from the rift since this morning, due to a barrier that has been placed around it. Still, the ayakashi seem to be really hell-bent on getting away from you all now rather than fighting...

In Summary:
  • There are a ton of ayakashi on the Near Shore that need to be destroyed.
  • The newbies are getting one hell of a welcome as a result.
  • Seek counselling if you need it!
  • Go kick some evil ass.
  • Comment to the first thread to get a randomly generated number of ayakashi to face.
  • Mods will gladly play out any ayakashi interactions where requested.
  • Try not to get killed~
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[A - Run away . . . ]

[No, really. Run away. There was no way anybody would make someone like him into a god, so screw this. That was his first instinct here, since . . . weren't these things supposed to be phantoms? They were ghosts, right? A whole lot of freaky-looking ghosts and Gintoki didn't want anything to do with them. Sure, this was just what the world needed. He didn't do great with ghosts, okay? And these were just. . .they were mutant ghosts, alright?

For a moment, he debates on just walking away. He could just go hunker down in a family restaurant for awhile, just until this was all over. From what he'd understood, he couldn't kill them without some special weapon anyway. He was stuck on level one, and he wouldn't level up for awhile.

But the moment he sits down at a booth in the resturaunt, these awful things came right through the walls. Maybe they were attracted to a god who didn't have any way to really defend himself. He'll sit there and, just for a moment, close his eyes.

go away, go away, I can't see you, you can't see me. . .

But it doesn't work. The moment he opens his eyes, the booth is crawling with little creatures. There's even a medium-sized one poking at his hand, and it really doesn't feel good.

He'll be running back outside onto the street with a scream. There were probably a lot of people staring at him. Great.]

Go back to where you came from already!!

[B . . . the best part of the work day is the lunch break ]

[All he grabbed from the meeting hall was a wooden bo staff. When he found out it didn't actually change into a person like he'd seen other weapons do, he kept it anyway. Something was better than nothing. Unfortunately that means all he can do is knock the ayakashi around and give himself more time to run away.

He needed someone with one of those special weapons. When he comes across another person - another god like him, though how he was even a god made no sense at all - he'll hop right in, clearing away some ayakashi with a few strong blows. There you go. Now you have a bit more room to work.

His strength was pretty impressive, like maybe this guy was serious business, and maybe he was a god --except for the words that come out of his mouth afterwards.]

Oi, you know, I can't kill these things. You're gonna have to do more work, so don't slack off. I don't wanna do this anymore.

[Then he'll hit another monster . . . ]

Ehhh, after this, I want a whole carton of strawberry milk. I wanna eat a really big lunch. . . I'm too hungry to fight. . .

[ He's real heroic right now.]

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And after lunch I want a matcha parfait with strawberries and red bean....

[Tsuzuki tosses an ofuda at the nearest ayakashi. Halfway there, the sheet of paper grows wings and screeches like a bird, circling around to dive-bomb the back of its head.]

I can't kill these things either! We're just gonna have to do a good job of keeping them confined, and maybe one of the big deal gods will stop by before they figure it out.

[While the ayakashi is turning to bat with clumsy transparent limbs at the shikigami, Tsuzuki hurls another ofuda at its face. This one sticks, and it falls over, temporarily stunned.]
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sugar friends

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[He'll watch the ofuda with interest. It was effective at distracting the things, and that's when he'll give it another hard whack, sending the phantom rolling a good distance away from them. He was, after all, strong. ]

That's. . . that's pretty good. . .

[Was he complimenting you, Tsuzuki? He's totally complimenting your awesome ofuda skills, right.]

. . . but when it comes to parfait, it always has to be chocolate!

[Yeah, no, he wasn't. He'll swing at another monster while shouting his super heroic line about parfait.]

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the best kind of friends!!

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No way! Chocolate is for cake! Lava cake... with fresh whipped cream and raspberries....

[This is making him hungry. The phantom that the other god's swinging at is big, and there's a handful of others closing in on them from behind. Tsuzuki dives between him and the new handful of ayakashi, leaving the first one to him.

He tosses a new handful of ofuda, wincing as one of the nearest creature's transparent limbs grazes his arm. It leaves a weird, stabbing ache behind, as if he'd bruised at the touch, but as he pulls back the creature seems to trip over the smaller one at its feet, pulling back in turn.

Tsuzuki takes the chance, activating his ofuda and sending them romping as a herd of creatures with teeth and claws into the face of the ayakashi.]
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[personal profile] pachintoki 2016-03-24 05:16 pm (UTC)(link)

Like, there's nothing wrong about that. That's pretty much a great dessert, but, you know, what if you also had a choco-parfait?

[He'll shield his face as those ofuda monsters rip into the ayakashi, but then he'll look over his arm, impressed.]

Or. . . wait! You know . . . would that be too much chocolate?

[He'll give a sudden swing at a monster trying to get away from this other guy's attack, slamming it into the ground.]

Aha. . . hahaha! Oi oi, I just said something really stupid! Oiiii!

[Another swing and a-- oops. Yeah, he's getting knocked over by a centipede the size of a lion. These things sure liked to sneak up behind people, didn't they. He'll shove his sword into the monster, only to be frustrated when nothing gets pierced -- it's like trying to stab a rock, and he'll stab at his futilely. ]

No way! Why can't I kill this ugly phantom!
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No way! Not if you balance it out with fresh fruit -- you need the mix of flavors, and--

[As the giant centipede rears up over Gintoki, knocking him flat, Tsuzuki's voice stutters and cuts off mid-sentence. His eyes widen, and his knuckles whiten as the slip of paper crumples in his suddenly tighter grip. It's -- it's just a spirit, it's not -- he searches frantically for the creature's head, and sees it, gnashing jaws like sickles and round rolling eyes focusing on Gintoki.

It smells good, the creature whispers in an inhuman voice, and rears up.]

Watch out! Don't let it get too close!

[Tsuzuki pelts towards him, throwing the crumpled ofuda, but the paper was torn by his grip, and it flutters uselessly to the ground.]
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[For a moment, all thought of food is out of his mind as he reaches up to relentlessly poke and stab at the centipede creature's face -- while he can't pierce it, he seems to be able to hit it hard enough that it backs off just a little, especially when he hits it hard across the jaw.

Before he can slide out of the way, however, the monster drops a few of his segments lower, onto his legs, maybe in an attempt at retaliation for the blows to it's head. Since even the simple contact with the creature leaves him feeling incredibly uncomfortable, even pain, he'll give some more panicked shots to the monster's body, causing it to recoil. It's just enough for him to roll out of the way, stagger to his feet, and move some distance off . . . but then he's dropping to his knees again, holding onto his staff for balance. This was exhausting.

Just how long was he gonna have to do this crap, huh? Fighting a bunch of monsters he couldn't even kill was like the most tedious video game ever. It was like leveling up, killing endless slimes, but then you didn't even get the experience points. . .he's so frustrated about it that the next phantom that even gets remotely close to him is getting hit so hard the monster actually leaves him alone - for now.]
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Hey! Are you all right?

[Tsuzuki fumbles out new ofuda, throwing a few that turn into toothy creatures leaping at the monster's face to keep it backing away. It had definitely hit the other guy hard, and the way he'd fallen back to his knees after getting away said he might be hurt.

He stops next to Gintoki, breathing hard, and looks around again.]

We might have to get out of here.

[There are a lot of the ayakashi closing in, and even if that last one's backed off, Tsuzuki and Gintoki haven't been able to kill any of them.]
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Forty! Forty-one!

[A loud voice announces a new addition to the party, but you can't see him until he takes out the giant centipede-like ayakashi from behind.]


[And the god in a black track suit and fluffy(?) bandanna gives a jaunty salute to the two guys he finds in the midst of all these ayakashi.]

Yato-gami at your service! You don't mind if I take care of these guys, do you?

[Yato strikes a cool and heroic(?) pose and faces off against the monsters gathered. But the coolness is slightly disrupted when he suddenly pulls a pouting expression.]

Eh- nooo, Yukine, that big one totally counted as two! --Fine, I won't back down! [In a smooth and practiced flurry of movement, Yato exterminates the ayakashi, counting his total as he goes.]

Forty-three! Forty-four-forty-five-forty-six-forty-seven-forty-eight, fortyyyy-nine, and fifty! [With a flourish Yato spears a small ayakashi on it's way out.] And a bonus. Break time, Yuki!!

[At his name being called, Yukine changes from two swords back into his human form, which Tsuzuki should recognize.

Yukine turns to Yato and crosses his arms firmly.]

Right, right. Five minute break. [And turning his back on Yato's prompt whining about that he looks at Tsuzuki-sama and the other person.]

You guys okay? What the heck are you doing, trying to take them on like that without shinki?
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[personal profile] pachintoki 2016-03-27 09:38 am (UTC)(link)
[He's just going to sit back down on his heels, taking one more sigh.]

I'm not hurt, I'm just. . . it's . . really tiring.

[This was only the first time he'd been around these ayakashi as a new god, after all. He probably just wasn't used to having to be in proximity to them, let alone being half-smothered by one. He'll get back up though; he really is unhurt.

It's right about then, though, that another god takes out a bunch of the phantoms for them. Gintoki can only watch as the track-suit guy wields a nice-looking pair of swords. Now that was what he was talking about.

He'll give a surprised blink as the pair of swords turns into a kid. He hadn't really met any shinki before; as it was, he barely understood what they were. He'll frown at the scolding though, pointing his stick at the sword-kid. ]

Oi oi, don't act so high and mighty. It's not like you just walk away from them! I already tried to run away! Eh- [ohhh he didn't mean to admit that, but he's kind of shameless] I mean, it's like a big stupid game of tag but it's not freeze tag and there's no safe and if you get tagged you die! So you just gotta keep running! It's the worst!

[He sounds so put-upon. Yeah, he was tired. And also lazy.]
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Ofuda magic slows them down! And besides, what are we supposed to do, just sit back? People are in real trouble down here.

[And mortals can do even less against these things than gods can. It's amazing how fast Yukine and his god -- Yato, right? -- went through the group that had been giving Tsuzuki and the other guy such a hard time, though.

So maybe Yukine's right, and it is ridiculous trying to take them all on without a weapon.

He clears his throat.]

Anyway -- uh. [He glances at the light-haired guy with the sword.] I didn't get your name! I'm Asato Tsuzuki.
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[personal profile] returnedfromtheline 2016-03-29 02:25 pm (UTC)(link)
[Yukine goes from bristling anger at the pale-haired guy to ... a bit dumbfounded. ...Sure, he supposes he gets what he's talking about, but really? Tag? And geez, sounding so lazy and put-upon. You'll fit right in. (/glares at you and Yato.)]

You're pretty much right about the dying part, at least. [He makes a gesture to where the blight is showing on them.]

[Whining time over, Yato rejoins the group in time to interrupt any potential introduction by the other man for a moment.] Whoa, that's no good. Here, I [the benevolent Yato-sama-senpai] will help you out with that!

[With a suitable flourish Yato produces a regular PET bottle full of water. (Yep, be amazed!)]

[Yukine blinks in surprise then nods.]

You were actually prepared. Yah, let's use that now.
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[He'll just sigh while they talk, looking back and forth between the kid and the guy in a sweatsuit, completely unimpressed. He's so unimpressed that he'll pick at his nose a little, blowing whatever is on the tip of his finger in their general direction.]

A whole bottle of water. Thanks. I was thirsty.

[He's so underwhelmed. But he'll start reaching for it. . .]
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[Tsuzuki blinks at the water bottle. What good is that supposed to do? Sure, it looks refreshing, but...]

No thanks, I'm getting a parfait when we wrap this up!

[He rubs at his arm, where a blotch of purple is spreading from the point where an ayakashi slapped him away earlier. It stings.]
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[personal profile] returnedfromtheline 2016-04-06 03:54 pm (UTC)(link)
What? It's not for drinking- [Yato scoffs at the very idea as he retracts the hand holding out the water, taking it out of the pale-haired god's reach. Yukine comes up smoothly behind Yato and snatches the bottle from his hand.]

They don't have your zillion-years-of-experience, dummy. You have to explain it first. [Yukine comes over to Tsuzuki, uncapping the bottle and pouring a little water over the blight on his arm.]

This is purification water from a shrine. It will heal the blight of the ayakashi. [And true to his words, the dark mark of blight dissolves under the water.]

I was getting to that- [Geez, Yukine, stealing all the good parts, what the heck?!]
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[personal profile] pachintoki 2016-04-15 08:54 am (UTC)(link)
[Gintoki watches carefully as the kid demonstrates the use of the water. Water from a shrine? Blight?

Maybe that explains why he panicked when the monster all but flattened him. It had . . . hurt, somehow, not like a cut or a broken bone, but he definitely didn't like it. When he looks at the 'blight' on Tsuzuki's arm, he'll start inspecting his own body.

There was nothing he could really see, not right now, but . . .]

Eh? A what? A blight? Could it be anywhere? I don't want some shitty disease from a damn ghost! I need protection! What if I'm covered in a blight right now, oi!

[Freak out time. He will seriously strip right now. His belt and obi are already off. ]
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[personal profile] sweetdeath 2016-04-15 12:04 pm (UTC)(link)
[Tsuzuki stares at his arm, then stretches it out, turning it to see that the mark of blight really is completely vanished. He can feel that it's better; the weird, bone-deep ache of it is gone.

He's got other spots across his body, but it's kind of a small bottle, so unlike Gintoki he's leaving his clothes on for now. He hadn't gotten flattened by one of those things, so Gintoki definitely needs it more right now.

He scoots his sleeve back down and re-buttons the cuff.]

Wow. Okay. Water from any shrine will clear it up?
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[personal profile] shiitan 2016-06-04 05:30 am (UTC)(link)
[He was certainly one of the people who were staring. The critical difference between most of them and Ross himself was that there was no hiding the amused smirk on his face. This was Mr. "I like seeing people weep with despair" himself after all, even if he couldn't remember saying that anymore.]

I didn't know you were supposed to fight those things by screaming at them.

[He paused for a moment, only to speak up again as if something else just came to mind.]

Ah, don't worry. You screamed so loud that I'm sure they all went home.