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003 | Save The Boats

Who: Everyone!
What: It's a few days after Hinamatsuri - time for a party!
When: Late evening (March 5, 2016) into early morning (March 6, 2016)
Where: The banks of the Kamo River
Summary: The Heavens have thrown together an outdoor party to celebrate Spring and ALSO to ask the Far Shore residents to keep the boats from Hinamatsuri from coming to shore.

Hinamatsuri is celebrated in Japan on March 3 every year. It is a festival to celebrate all of the young girls of Japan, not as important as their own birthdays, but certainly a big day for all families with a little girl among their household. It's perfectly normal for all of the cuties to dress up and get all sorts of delightful treats out of the day.

One of the normal festivities is a ceremony during which ornamental dolls are placed on tiers on boats and floated down the river. It is thought that all of the bad luck for the coming year floats down the river with the dolls, taking that bad luck away from their young girls to keep them safe for another year.

But the boats don't always make it all the way down the river like they're supposed to, and the Heavens sometimes like to make sure that the year will be full of less bad luck for the people of Japan. So they have decided to have the almighty gods do some legwork and disguised it as a fun Springtime party! They expect gods and shinki alike to push the boats away from the shoreline wherever they see them venturing near.

New gods and shinki will have been ushered immediately to the party as well, given all of the normal information, and then left to mingle among their new cohorts. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce the newbies to both their co-workers and the kinds of jobs they'll be expected to perform.


A luxurious buffet is set up for everyone to enjoy. There are all kinds of foods to enjoy, though they all seem to be of a local variety. The Heavens have apparently used the funding from their own temples to purchase local food and support local businesses at the same time. In particular among the food and copious amounts of booze, you will find some Hinamatsuri staples - hina-arare, hishi mochi, chirashizushi, and a salt-based clam soup called ushijiru. Among the booze you'll find shirozake, a sake made from fermented rice, also a regular fare of Hinamatsuri.

The Boats

As if they are literally overflowing with bad luck, the boats seem to be making a desperate attempt to land themselves upon the shoreline. They are reluctant to make their way back into the water and will gladly run people down if they're allowed to and are happy to ram into someone over and over again to try and get their way. When they are finally pushed back to the center of the river, they will begrudgingly continue on their way. Of course, some of them will simply sink because of the weight of all that bad luck, but who can really blame them.


As expected of a day dedicated to celebrating children, there are dozens of children running around and playing games during the festivities. It's hard to distinguish, but some of them appear to be human children while others are shinki. They are happy to let anyone in on their games and will gladly bother adults to come play with them or to let them try some of the liquor. (Mods will be available to play out any child interactions you may want, just flag us down.)


Off to the side, there is a tiny table set up with a small, nicely written sign that reads "Gentle Counselling". On the other side of the table is a sweetly smiling shinki who is willing to listen to your problems and answer any questions you might have. She is also here to help out any gods that are having a hard time dealing with knowing about how their shinki died and any shinki that is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that they are dead.

In Summary:
  • Keep the boats off the shore
  • Enjoy the food and booze and spring atmosphere
  • Have some fun with cute little kids
  • Seek counselling if you need it!
  • Flag the mods in the top thread if you'd like an NPC
  • Have fun~
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this is gonna be a thing

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[He had definitely been drinking. Free food and free drink were a major weakness of Gintoki's, and now that he was supposed to be the god Inari he saw no reason to neglect this spread that, apparently, were the things people prayed to him about anyway. I guess the harvest had been good this year. Or business was booming. Or something. Whatever, it was free.

Anyway, his new shinki murdercrow scaryface is going to find the god Inari lounging around on a picnic blanket on the riverside in a yukata and hanten. He's not making any effort to hide the fact that he's not helping at all, simply dozing off and looking incredibly content.

At Oboro's question, though, he'll crack one eye open. This wasn't real. He'll mumble nonsense, words drawn out sleepily as he rubs at the corner of his eye with his palm.]

. . . eeehhh? A nightmare so soon . . . oi oi, maybe . . . is there a dream god somewhere? I wanna refund you [hiccup] . . . you know, this isn't what I asked for . . . [when did you pray to a dream god, Gintoki. Is he even awake? Help him figure it out, Oboro. Be a good shinki.]

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[Oboro had asked for his god's name, for a description, but had not spared a moment to learn of just what it was Inari presided over. Perhaps if he had, he would have been more forgiving to find the man a sprawled mess on the ground, clearly disengaged from the evening's true agenda.

That had been the reason for the inquiry. Were his god tired from another task, this would make sense.

Gintoki's response was a strain to comprehend, but Oboro put forth his best effort. A dream god? He didn't know, but he would seek one out if requested. The man bent at the knees, crouching next to Gintoki. The scent of alcohol pervaded.]
What was it you asked for? [He's doing his best to be a good Shinki.]
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[Gintoki seems to finish rubbing at one eye, only to blink a few times, hard. He'll slowly lift his other hand and rub at the other eye. . . then he's rubbing at both eyes. . . and then he's blinking a few more times.

What the hell. He was awake.

He wasn't asleep, and someone he never wanted to see again was just standing there.

And what was extra confusing was, this person wasn't attacking him. Wasn't talking to him with those biting, angry words he usually held for Gintoki, wasn't trying to hurt his friends or anybody important to him.

What was that Oboro asked him? 'Are you okay'? How? He'll give Oboro a scowl, something between confusion and anger, back pressed against the blanket as if he just wanted to disappear into it. What the hell was going on? He'll sit up, suddelny reaching out and giving Oboro a hard shove backwards before scooting backwards quickly himself.

. . . except he forgot about the river. Gintoki will scoot backwards a few feet until his hands reach nothing, and with a sound of surprise he'll fall backwards a few feet into the river, arms flailing. ]


[And splash. What an impressive god he is. He's really good at swimming, too.]

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[Oboro watched in silence as his master rubbed his eyes, staring forward with focus that was too intense for the mundane situation. As if he's ready to move at any moment, though it isn't as if the god would need urgent help adjusting his eyes.

But just in case.

His master scowled and Oboro almost lifted a hand, as if to reach out and resolve whatever was causing the dismay. What kept his fingers resting on his knee was simply not knowing what was wrong. The shove did not rock his balance, instinctual footwork keeping him upright, but it made his breath hitch in confusion.

Gintoki moved away and Oboro did not pursue. That the other didn't want to be near him was clear enough. So he'd obey that implicit command.

At least, until his master tumbled into the water gracelessly, swimming with just as little finesse. A momentary pause of consideration ended in Oboro standing to wade into the water and reach to retrieve the god, hoisting him up and towards the shore more quickly than gently.]
Please be careful. You're inebriated, so your coordination will not be what you're accustomed to.
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[Before he's fully gotten himself out of the water, Oboro was there, hauling him up to his feet and helping him out of the water.

He wasn't okay with that, even though he was soaked and waterlogged. He'll take hold of Oboro's hand and pry it off of him, shoving the other away at the same time. After, he'll stagger and wade his way back to land, dragging himself out of the water and sitting on the shore with a big sigh. He was too drunk for this. He was stressed out. And this guy he really didn't like kept trying to help him. Still, the water had sobered him up some, and now it was time to start thinking seriously about what was going on. He needed some answers, so he'll wait and see what Oboro does next. ]

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[Being pushed away again wasn't incredibly surprising, even if it was dismaying. Oboro wouldn't move to close any distance, initiate any contact, after such a clear message was repeated twice.

He'd stand in the water, watching Gintoki crawl onto land. Only after an empty pause, when no orders came, would Oboro act on his own. He waded back to shore himself, leaving space between the two of them.

Spring nights still carried with them a chill. Refreshing to some, when drenched it would doubtlessly be uncomfortable. So he retrieved Gintoki's blanket, returning to drop it on the man's shoulders without comment.]
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[He'll feel the blanket on his shoulders, hunching them on instinct before just kinda . . . letting everything droop with a bit of a whine. Clearly, this guy was interested in helping him, and that could only mean one thing here.

Maybe he was dead too. They were both dead, and this was hell. This was some sort of terrible afterlife for both of them.

He'll shrug off the blanket, taking off his hanten and wringing it out some before dropping it in a pile on the grass between him and Oboro. Then he'll gather the blanket up again, bundling up in it.]

Oi. [His voice is pretty tired-sounding, not really angry anymore either.] What the hell are you doing?
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[Oboro had been informed that he was dead. Accepted it immediately. He'd even spared an appreciative thought that he could still be of use in this state. The notion brought some measure of rest to his soul.

He'd stand near, but not too close to, his god and simply observe as the man wrung out his wet clothing and bundled up. The shock of the water must have sobered him up. Oboro listened to his master's voice, taking in the tone and pitch before the meaning.

It would be for the best to excuse themselves from the festivities. The god needed to rest.]
I've been assigned to assist you. [He wouldn't suggest departing yet, answering Gintoki's questions was of more direct importance.]
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[Well, if anything, this was absolute proof that a shinki lost all of their memories at the time they became a vessel for a god. There was no way Oboro would be talking to him like this otherwise. Gintoki will pull the blanket around himself tighter, stifling a bit of a sneeze as some water drips down his nose from his wet hair.

He still would appear tired to Oboro. After all, the moment he'd seen the other man, this old enemy of his, he'd also been steadily getting the picture of his death. It wasn't exactly clear, but he'd seen the other wounded, badly, definitely by more than one serious injury. Oboro had died painfully in battle, bleeding out whatever life he'd had left.

But what he couldn't tell is if one of those injuries might have been inflicted by himself. It was very, very possible. Oboro had caused him suffering before, they'd fought tooth and nail enough, and Gintoki had shown himself that he didn't even hesitate to deliver a killing blow to Oboro when it mattered. In fact, Gintoki had been pretty sure he'd killed Oboro himself until just a short time period ago.

Having to witness the deaths of shinki was tiring, and tasking. He'll keep holding the blanket, sniffling again and rubbing at his nose.]

. . .I'm hungry.
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[Otherwise, Oboro would have taken care to ignore Gintoki. Keep him from getting involved in whatever business brought the messenger of the heavens to this place. Shiroyasha's interference was bullheaded and misdirected at best.

But in this state, Oboro didn't feel the slightest twinge of annoyance. Or any of the other revulsions the white demon would raise in him.

All he recognized was concern. And purpose.

A very immediate one, with the request for food.]
I will retrieve food for you. [And, looking at the dripping, sneezing god, he'd be looking for a towel as well.

If Gintoki didn't stop him, Oboro would do exactly as requested: go to the buffet table and load some of everything onto a plate. Then he'd find the god, no matter any efforts taken to hide. It's as if he's drawn to you, or something-]

I've returned. [He'd offer the plate forward.]
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[Gintoki will sit and stew while Oboro goes. That man, always seeming to be around during Gintoki's most awful memories, and lately, actively causing some of them. He wouldn't say that he'd flung him off the roof of the shogun's palace with glee, but . . . relief, certainly. He didn't want to see Oboro's face again after that . . . and yet somehow, that bastard was still alive. Until now.

He knew, after all, that Oboro remembered nothing. Gintoki wasn't cruel. Protective, yes, fiercely so, and he could be vicious when threatened, even sadistic when delivering justice to someone who deserved it. But not cruel.

He'll scruch up his face some, almost a wince as he hears that voice again. He'll hold a hand out to receive whatever Oboro's brought him.]

. . . next time, bring something sweet too.

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[He's somewhat surprised that Gintoki stayed in one place. Though, thinking back to the relaxed state he found the God in, he supposed it made sense.

Oboro handed the plate to Gin's outstretched hand, taking care to assure that it was well balanced before removing his grip. The correction made his eyebrows twitch upward, and he committed it to memory.]

[A pause, but he can't simply stand idly by and watch Gintoki eat, so he'll place a hand on the God's shoulder. Still wet, and quite cold.] If we return to your residence when you're finished, I will depart to bring you deserts.

[This man, one who could be called cruel and gave no care to correct the accusation were it untrue, seemed out of places talking about a midnight sweets run. But no matter how callous he was - loyalty came first. So he'd suffer anything dangerous or absurd be it at his master's call.]
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[Out of place was an enormous understatement.

In fact, the idea of Oboro bringing Gintoki some kind of delicious sugary treat somehow. . . left a bad taste in his mouth. He's pretty sure any kind of sweets Oboro brought him would somehow taste like ash.

He'll half-heartedly poke at the food, then set it down - just in time, since that touch has him flinching like crazy. Embarrassing. This was so screwed up. He was, at least, going to figure this out as much as he could. He'll sigh again.]

Not so fast, not so fast.

[He'll at least turn to look at the other man now, those reddish eyes meeting Oboro's.]

Oboro. You have a shinki name, right? Let's see it.
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[He would be disappointed to hear that - to learn that his service wouldn't suffice. But the knowledge would only spur him to focus (read: overcompensate) in other areas. So it's probably for the best that Gin kept it to himself.

Oboro glanced at the plate, observing what Gintoki ate and what he abandoned. That was committed to memory as well.

His God flinched and Oboro immediately removed his hand, looking down at it with dull curiosity. 'Not so fast' - understood. His master preferred not to be touched, then.]

I do. [He took the change in subject with ease. The Shinki turned his back and crouched, bringing a bony hand to raise the hair off of the back of his neck. The name would be revealed there - 'Rouki' - emblazoned on top of the Tendoushuu symbol.]
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[As Oboro crouched down, Gintoki will get up so he's sitting on his heels, then stand and look over at the symbol. "Rouki'. He'll frown at it, only because of that symbol he recognizes.

He wonders, vaguely, if Oboro will ever question what it means, now.

He'll stand up though, waving still-soggy sleeves as he drips a little, tails twitching on their own to shake off some more water. No sense in waiting. It hadn't occurred to him, yet, that he could in fact possibly take the name away and send Oboro to another god. Who knew if he really would.]

Come, Rouki.

[It's firm, but still a bit exasperated.]
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[Would he question his older tattoo? Possibly idle wondering to himself, but it would ultimately be dismissed as insignificant. It was of his past life, a life that had been so symbolically superseded by this new one in the placement of his Shinki name.

The call is made and Oboro's form shifts. He wasn't curious as to what he'd turn into, but the result was surprising all the same.

A blade, a needle - something bladed for cutting away obstacles in their path: those would have suited him.

Instead, confused flapping shed feathers in the air as a crow drifted to the ground. Once landed, he'd stop, peck at his wings.

He wasn't quite sure how to use these...]
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[He'll blink at the sudden change; although it was still Oboro, he was mildly curious about what form the shinki would take.

Maybe it was a toilet plunger. Or, you know, a doormat. What if it was a back-scratcher? He'd probably still use it. . .

So he'll look down at the crow on the ground, head tilted in consideration. He couldn't help but laugh, and the laugh that escapes is short -- and not just a little bitter. How fitting.]

A crow from beginning to end, huh? Come on up here already.

[He'll actually hold out a hand.]
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[A doormat would have been really really fitting...

Oboro stretched his wings, not paying much mind to the consideration he was receiving from his god. The man's laugh assured him that his master hadn't been expecting such a transformation either.

He cocked his head to crow comment, though he disregarded it as a helping hand reached down to him. Oboro climbed on, a little uncoordinated, to settle in Gintoki's palm.

Oboro stared at his god, awaiting further one sided conversation. Could he communicate like this? He'd need to learn.]
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[personal profile] pachintoki 2016-05-18 03:31 am (UTC)(link)
[Gintoki will shift his hand, turning it so the bird can perch on his first two fingers. He'll lift his hand then, starting the crow down, tilting his head, watching expressionlessly save for the minute twitching of one the god's ears.

Then he'll hold his hand up to his shoulder, giving it a bit of a shake so the crow gets the hint. Get off if you don't wanna end up on the ground, Oboro. You can sit on his shoulder for a minute.]

I guess you're better this way. Just a dumb bird . . . right. . . just a dumb crow. . .

[Gintoki will sit back down on the riverbank, finishing his food. He might even give his new crow a crumb, poking a bit impolitely at the bird's beak.]

You should stay this way more, you know. That's, like, an order from your god, got it?

[he'll put a hand back up, as a hint that the bird should climb back on]

You fly, right?
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[personal profile] naraku 2016-05-19 12:49 am (UTC)(link)
[Oboro stepped to Gintoki's fingers, balance wavering and talons digging in just for a moment until he was situated. Though, when he was moved to Gin's shoulder, he'd tense again.

Light - his body had little weight to it, nothing to shift and keep his mass distributed. It was as if any motion could leave him behind. This form would take practice.

The crow watched Gintoki with an equally blank expression, a small cock of the head the only reply to Gintoki's head tilt. When prompted to sit on his god's shoulder he'd comply, listening to the dull muttering with indifference.

He intended for this 'dumb crow' to serve well.

Food suddenly shoved at his beak gets a startle out of the bird, Oboro not so accustomed to his personal space so brazenly invaded. But he understands that Gintoki wants him to eat, so after jerking away he'll carefully pluck the crumb from the other's hand.

And nod, accepting the order. A soft 'caw' to punctuate his recognition. He stepped back onto Gintoki's hand. As for flying...he was supposed to. He spread his wings experimentally, unsure of the answer.]