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003 | Save The Boats

Who: Everyone!
What: It's a few days after Hinamatsuri - time for a party!
When: Late evening (March 5, 2016) into early morning (March 6, 2016)
Where: The banks of the Kamo River
Summary: The Heavens have thrown together an outdoor party to celebrate Spring and ALSO to ask the Far Shore residents to keep the boats from Hinamatsuri from coming to shore.

Hinamatsuri is celebrated in Japan on March 3 every year. It is a festival to celebrate all of the young girls of Japan, not as important as their own birthdays, but certainly a big day for all families with a little girl among their household. It's perfectly normal for all of the cuties to dress up and get all sorts of delightful treats out of the day.

One of the normal festivities is a ceremony during which ornamental dolls are placed on tiers on boats and floated down the river. It is thought that all of the bad luck for the coming year floats down the river with the dolls, taking that bad luck away from their young girls to keep them safe for another year.

But the boats don't always make it all the way down the river like they're supposed to, and the Heavens sometimes like to make sure that the year will be full of less bad luck for the people of Japan. So they have decided to have the almighty gods do some legwork and disguised it as a fun Springtime party! They expect gods and shinki alike to push the boats away from the shoreline wherever they see them venturing near.

New gods and shinki will have been ushered immediately to the party as well, given all of the normal information, and then left to mingle among their new cohorts. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce the newbies to both their co-workers and the kinds of jobs they'll be expected to perform.


A luxurious buffet is set up for everyone to enjoy. There are all kinds of foods to enjoy, though they all seem to be of a local variety. The Heavens have apparently used the funding from their own temples to purchase local food and support local businesses at the same time. In particular among the food and copious amounts of booze, you will find some Hinamatsuri staples - hina-arare, hishi mochi, chirashizushi, and a salt-based clam soup called ushijiru. Among the booze you'll find shirozake, a sake made from fermented rice, also a regular fare of Hinamatsuri.

The Boats

As if they are literally overflowing with bad luck, the boats seem to be making a desperate attempt to land themselves upon the shoreline. They are reluctant to make their way back into the water and will gladly run people down if they're allowed to and are happy to ram into someone over and over again to try and get their way. When they are finally pushed back to the center of the river, they will begrudgingly continue on their way. Of course, some of them will simply sink because of the weight of all that bad luck, but who can really blame them.


As expected of a day dedicated to celebrating children, there are dozens of children running around and playing games during the festivities. It's hard to distinguish, but some of them appear to be human children while others are shinki. They are happy to let anyone in on their games and will gladly bother adults to come play with them or to let them try some of the liquor. (Mods will be available to play out any child interactions you may want, just flag us down.)


Off to the side, there is a tiny table set up with a small, nicely written sign that reads "Gentle Counselling". On the other side of the table is a sweetly smiling shinki who is willing to listen to your problems and answer any questions you might have. She is also here to help out any gods that are having a hard time dealing with knowing about how their shinki died and any shinki that is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that they are dead.

In Summary:
  • Keep the boats off the shore
  • Enjoy the food and booze and spring atmosphere
  • Have some fun with cute little kids
  • Seek counselling if you need it!
  • Flag the mods in the top thread if you'd like an NPC
  • Have fun~
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Sakata Gintoki | OTA

[personal profile] pachintoki 2016-04-19 02:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[being lazy]

[Gintoki will take one look at the boats in the river, then promptly find himself something to drink and do some good work -- on getting a bit hammered.

Later, it's very possible that those who are hard-working in the water will hear Gintoki, god Inari-sama, sporting ears and a couple of tails today, give them half hearted directions about the boats.

He's lounging on a picnic blanket in a yukata and hanten, laying down so that his head is just a bit over the edge of the bank. He'll be watching anybody that passes by upside-down, calling out to them in a somewhat quiet, very lazy, drawn-out tone.]

Oiiii. There's one there . . . don't miss that one there, it's really close to the bank. Oi oi, there's another one . . . sinking a little . . . It's getting wet, don't let the, you know, the dolls get wet. . .that one is really small . . . they have such bright colors, right . . . ?

[After a bit the calling out will stop and if anybody bothers to look back and notice, they'll find that he's dozed off.]


[He clearly wasted no time in getting as drunk as possible and dozing off amidst cups and a few plates of food, particularly sweets.

A few of the children around will definitely be curious about the sleeping god with fluffy hair and ears, and 2-3 fluffy tails depending on when they see him. One little kid has even taken the liberty of, napping too, falling asleep on the picnic blanket using one of the large, fluffy tails as a pillow. A few others seem to enjoy poking at and playing with the tails a bit, watching them slowly shift and twitch. Some others might be eating the leftover sweets that Gintoki took but doesn't seem to have been able to finish.

Gintoki doesn't seem to mind at all. He's not even awake. Maybe someone could help him out, or maybe someone just wants to egg the kids on.]

[anything goes]

[Want to say hi? Want to hang out on the picnic blanket with Gintoki and eat and drink to your heart's content? Go for it. ]
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Die, Gintoki.

[personal profile] nobutasu 2016-04-22 03:03 am (UTC)(link)
[After a running start, Nobume takes a flying kick to the other's face as the lazy god dozes off. The perm was a familiar face in this place - so she couldn't resist the temptation to "play."

Some may see this act of violence as 'extreme,' but Gintoki was a protagonist! He would be totally fine. Right?

After making contact, she will stay on the other until she's swatted off - shoving a donut into her mouth as she looks downward silently.
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what even I totally replied to this DW ATE IT

[personal profile] pachintoki 2016-05-03 11:42 pm (UTC)(link)
[no no no no NO he DIDN'T MEAN TO CRASH HIS SCOOTER AGAIN was he flying through the air KAMEHAMEHA --

are some of the thoughts that ran through Gintoki's sleepy mind as donut girl wakes him from his nap by a foot in his face. It takes him a good long moment to realize what's happened, grimacing with a slight shake going through his frame, fingers twitching, blinking frantically.

He's trying hard to cover his face with his hands, foot kicking against the ground as he grumbles in pain. But. . .that expression somewhere between fear and panic is going to deaden as he recognizes a familiar face. He'll say something, but it's probably hard to hear if her foot is still on his face.]

nobutasu: (20-edit)


[personal profile] nobutasu 2016-05-09 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
[She certainly didn't hear it at first. Nobume had been given the opportunity to grind a main character's face under her boot, and she would have been a fool to pass it up.

So when he does nothing to stop her, she takes it as him indulging her. So she stops and reaches for her sword.]

Ah. This deadbeat seems to actually be dead. We should cut it up and hide the evidence or it'll ruin the festival.

[She's absolutely trying to antagonize him to a point that he has to throw her off of him. She pushes the sword from its sheath with her thumb, metal glinting as it is exposed.]
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[personal profile] pachintoki 2016-05-18 03:50 am (UTC)(link)
[Well, congratulations, Nobume. He'll at least do that much, but instead of just giving her a shove, he'll reach up, giving the back of her knee a punch. Once her leg goes a bit dead, he'll simply roll her forward over his head, off of him.

And then he'll sit up, turning around and rubbing at his nose with a scowl.

She clearly knew who he was, he suspected. And that only meant one thing. He's pretty flippant with his next remarks.]

Oi oi, I guess they'll make anybody a god these days. What are you the god of, hah? Sadism? The underworld?

[He'd sound so much cooler if he wasn't trying to make sure his nose wasn't broken.]