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[Open] just as innocent as roses in May

Who: Jennifer & U
What: Jennifer walking dogs (or attempting to), sleeping on park benches, trying to plant roses, it's fine everything's fine.
When: 5/11
Where: Around the near shore
Warnings: None as far as I can see!


[Sometimes, you know... Sometimes things happen. Jennifer just likes to be out and about, making herself useful or exploring what the world has to offer now. It's no wonder she gets roped into helping out here and there though, but this job is at least pretty nice compared to anything else she could be doing.

The dogs she volunteers (or is volunteered) to walk around the city are generally pretty well-behaved, just, you know, enthusiastic. Which Jennifer can handle! Except this time.

Who has two great danes?? Apparently this guy, because that's how Jennifer nervously finds herself walking the massive dogs around the park. But the longer things go without anything bad happening, the more Jennifer is lulled into a false sense of security, which proves to be her downfall when, distracted by something else, the dogs' attention getting caught by something goes unnoticed by her. Unable to pull the dogs' attention away in time, they both suddenly bolt after a squirrel in the park, pulling Jennifer right off her feet with a scream of surprise.

Thankfully she lets go before she can be dragged off, but she's definitely faceplanted into the dirt. The dogs don't go too far, just sort of running around the immediate area, while Jennifer lays there with a groan, rolling over onto her back, dazed and trying to remember how breathing works. Ow, her ribs. Ow, her everything.


[Wandering around the near shore and walking dogs and stuff can be exhausting, alright? Being more or less invisible has its perks for sure, since it means that she doesn't have to worry about someone trying to pick her pockets or kidnap her or something if she naps out in public.

Which she's totally doing right now, laid out on a bench in the park. There's a bag of hard candies from a near-by shop dangling loosely from her right hand, the back of which features a bright red character (血 -- bloody) that clearly marks her as someone's shinki. For those that have met her in person before, they'll notice that it's a totally different kanji from before...

So why is she napping here and not, you know, back at her home? Is she lost?? Kicked out??? Who knows! Still, invisible shinki or not, it probably still isn't a good idea to go sleeping on random park benches and it can't be too comfortable anyhow, right?


[Honestly, Jennifer loves flowers. She loves gardens, the blissful repetition of weeding and caring for flowers and plants. It's comforting, somehow.

And she's taken to taking care of the flowers in the park here and there, just to give her something to do, and it makes her feel all happy and proud to see the normal humans' faces light up in delight when they see her handiwork. But that manages to catch some others' attention as well, namely whoever's in charge of actually doing upkeep on the park.

Which is how Jennifer gets handed several pots of roses for replanting, despite her protests.
] Wait, please, I-- ['Just start over here!' the man says, spinning Jennifer around and giving her a little push in the direction she's supposed to go.

She struggles to not drop the roses, arms straining under the weight-- there about 5, with two balanced precariously on top of the other two, and one on top of that in a pyramid shape, which she can barely see around. This is fine. This isn't at all a safety concern.

Please help.


[WILD CARD. If you have another situation in mind, feel free to write it out or PM me with an idea! Jennifer can be found all over, either wandering around looking at temples (especially any with a 'fairy tale' feel or gardens) or you know, giving out sweets to children or whatever!]
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[Sleeping on random park benches does, indeed, look like a bad idea. Sharak approaches with the intention of gently waking the girl and telling her to go home, but she hesitates when she sees the character on her hand. A shinki then. Who names a girl "blood"?]

... Hey. You going to sleep all day?
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You're fine where you are, if you like it.

[Sharak leans over for a second to pick the bag up and hold it out for Jennifer.]

But it doesn't look like a very comfortable place to sleep.
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[Sharak snatches the candy back and throws it for the dogs- no, obviously not. She gently puts the bag in Jennifer's hands and watches her carefully. Jennifer's nerves are obvious and Sharak wonders if she really looks that intimidating right now...]

If you're tired enough to fall asleep here, you should go find somewhere nicer to sleep.

[Or at least lay down on the grass and make it look a little more intentional. Somehow the park bench is the weird part of this.]

I am, my name is Sharak Sanzo.
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If you really want to nap outside, you could bring a rug with you. [Ah, good, she's smiling now. Maybe Sharak isn't so scary after all.] I doubt the flowers would mind, so long as you don't crush them.

[Sharak nods back at the curtsy- she's had more formal greetings before.] Please to meet you as well, Jennifer. I'm a god- Aditi, for all that it's worth.
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Unplanned naps are more commonly called "passing out"... [Don't pass out in the park, Jennifer.

But she's upset again. Sharak frowns slightly when Jennifer's hands go to her throat, but she quickly smooths out her expression again into something more gentle.]
Not at all. Aditi is the goddess of protection and guidance, so this is exactly my job.

[Not... an accurate description of Aditi, but it'll do. She seems more like an all-around helpful goddess, she won't mind.]
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[Sharak frowns at that, because what the fuck. Somehow, the fact that Jennifer actually seems more relaxed and comfortable saying that makes it even worse.]

... Who told you that you're nothing?

[Maybe she doesn't remember. But if she does remember, then Sharak can find the guy and punch him in the face for messing with girl's heads.]
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[If it's from when she was alive, she shouldn't dwell on it. But it still sounds annoying.]

What reason do you have for believing it? [Declarations of worth from a stranger probably sound empty, so Sharak doesn't bother with them.] What makes you think you're any less than me, or someone else I might speak to today?

[Since this started with Sharak apparently wasting her time talking to Jennifer.]
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... Perhaps you should think about it some time.

[Her tone is gentle, trying not to intimidate the girl. Sharak goes to sit down on the bench.] You don't have to apologise, it doesn't have anything to do with me. It's your own business.
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That much really was nothing, but I try to be. Ah, thank you.

[Sharak accepts the offer and takes a piece of candy.]

Through kindness towards others, we understand ourselves and each other better.
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[Sharak pops the candy into her mouth while Jennifer talks, idly looking out at the park at the same time.]

... It's often more difficult to recognise what the kind thing to do is, before you find the strength to act. It's also important to recognise who deserves your kindness.

[For example, sometimes yourself.]

But if it's something you admire, you should try to cultivate it within yourself.
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[Sharak watches Jennifer out of the corner of her eye and is reminded of the other shinki she's spoken to. Kainé, Hakkai, even Genjo... Shinki really do seem to get a shit deal. The grief and pain from dying can't be that much worse than the uncertainty that comes from a lost identity, can it? At least the former can be processed and moved on from.]

... You're right, it isn't fair. You have every right to be angry. You have every right to hate it.

[Pretending otherwise won't do anyone any good. Forcing a polite facade only helps in the short term.]
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If he's annoyed at you for getting angry in a situation like yours, he's an idiot.

[Bit blunt, but it's true. Still, Sharak takes a moment to think before she answers.]

Emotions- even ones like anger and grief- are a natural part of being human. What you shouldn't do is let them control you or drag you down. Feel them, let them run their course... and then let go.
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[Sharak looks at Jennifer thoughtfully for a little while. She's quiet, so at least Jennifer doesn't have to worry about being scolded for her comments.]

... Have you ever tried meditation before?

[If hating her own emotions is the problem...]

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