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Who: Hakkai, Ken, Chikusa and Ayumu
When: August 29, evening
Where: The temple of Li Tieguai
What: Hakkai, his exemplar, and his two new nora have a nice family dinner together, probably.
Warnings: Everyone at this table is some variety of passive-aggressive disaster, except Ken, who just bites people. Specific warnings to be added as necessary.

Home is where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. )
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Who: Add & OPEN
Where: Various locations around the Far Shore
When: All day on September 1st
What: A search for a lost cat. Also getting into more petty fights with Chikusa, probably.
Warnings: Add being incredibly moody, seriously.

I’ll make them all vanish with ease. )
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Who: Gojyo, Hakkai, and Ayumu
What: Drunk talk. Serious drunk talk.
When: Near the end of the month (what is time, really)
Where: Li Tieguai's temple
Warnings: Will update

xxxxx )


Sep. 20th, 2017 01:49 pm
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Who: Nari + You
When: August 27 and a little into the wee hours of the 28th
Where: Neptune's Temple
What: As he said on the network, he's got the goings of a picnic out. Anyone is welcome to show up since he's not too picky about who comes and goes on his grounds.

At least there's no rain )
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Who: Cho Hakkai and Yamazaki Ayumu
When: August 22nd
Where: Temple of Li Tieguai
What: Hakkai seems to be developing a gift for saying the wrong thing -- or perhaps it's that he hasn't been talking to his first shinki enough? It's time to resolve a few things.
Warnings: Just conversation - will update if anything arises.

i know i let you down )
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Who: Ken, Butch, Hakkai, and Chikusa
When: August 23nd or thereabouts
Where: Epona's temple, Li Tieguai's temple, and then Epona's temple again
What: Chikusa is named by two gods; Ken is only named by one of them. The garbage duo yin and yang have become unbalanced, and Ken wants to fix it.

How much you wanna risk? )
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Who: Shun Kurosaki and you!
When: Prompt A + B: August 22nd-23rd, Prompt C: August 24th-25th
Where: The Far Shore, the Near Shore, and Nekhbet's Temple
What: Shun has never been super great at dealing with the loss of close friends. Also, temple move.
Warnings: None yet, though there is a not-insubstantial chance of Shun's general war history coming up.

how can i tell you that i failed )
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Who: Izumo and YOU
What: Various things - bar shenanigans, training sessions, typhoons, etc.
When: August 24-31
Where: Far Shore and Near Shore
Warnings: Not at the moment.

Love ain't simple )
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Who: Cho Hakkai and Sha Gojyo
What: Lightly used home furnishings. Wasps. Extremely bad (after)life decisions.
Where: A swap meet in the greater Tokyo metro area.
When: August 19, afternoon
Warnings: Ayakashi wasp attacks, descriptions of violent death, minor breakdowns, probably lots of shouting

will we pay for who we've been? )
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Who: Shun and you!
When: August 18th-19th
Where: Various Far Shore areas
What: An extremely unfortunate spider lily encounter...
Warnings: PTSD (including flashbacks, both visual and auditory)

put on your war paint )
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Who: Cho Hakkai, Sharak Sanzo, Sha Gojyo
What: Hakkai's heading to Sanzo's place to share what he's learned about a mission they tried together some time back.
When: Evening, August 15
Where: Temple of Aditi
Warnings: Language, violence. Possible mention of Gojyo's backstory if the subject comes up (child physical and sexual abuse, matricide.)

has promised her art will soon pierce through the heart of this dragon )
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Who: Chikusa Kakimoto, Ken Joshima, three different animals, and you
What: When a god leaves, there's always a few people who end up left behind. Chikusa and Ken deal with it in the only way they know how- badly.
When: August 16 to start with and some days after it
Where: The empty clearing where Hestia's temple used to be
Warnings: A closed ablution will be happening in one thread, so some mild body horror at the least. Also a pair of teenagers in mourning dealing with loss unhealthily.

it might pass like a kidney stone but... )
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Who: Yona and anyone!
When: Various points during the month.
Where: Her temple, the Far Shore, the Near Shore
What: Yona has decided this is the month she's going to learn more about this strange world she's been brought to.

Before I question the gods, there are questions I should ask myself... )


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